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Katedra experimentální biologie rostlin (katedra fyziologie rostlin)

Department seminars — Summerr term 2017–18

All seminars are held on Thursdays at 14:00 in the "B" buiding ("Blažkův pavilon"), Room B1 at the Faculty of Science.

Questions and suggestions can be addressed to Tomáš Hájek.

8.3.Jana Kvíderová, RNDr., Ph.D.
Josef Elster, doc. Ing., Ph.D.
Centre for Polar Ecology, Faculty of Science, USB
Adaptation and acclimatization mechanisms of cyanobacteria and algae in the Polar Regions
15.3.Myriam Canonico, MSc.
Institute of Microbiology, CAS, Třeboň
Role of thylakoid membrane organization into microdomains in photosynthesis
PhD thesis introduction
22.3.Martin Janda, Ing., Ph.D.
University of Chemistry and Technology and Institute of Experimental Botany, CAS, Prague
Plant–pathogen interactions:
focus on salicylic acid signalling pathway
29.3.Eliška Trsková, Mgr.
Institute of Microbiology, CAS, Třeboň
Regulation of photochemical activity in pigment proteins
PhD thesis progress report
Dominika Činčárová, Mgr.
Institute of Microbiology, CAS, Třeboň
Metabolomic study of biotechnologically potential microalgae under autotrophic and heterotrophic conditions and their convertions
PhD thesis introduction
5.4.Jitka Neuwithová, Mgr.
Dpt. Exp. Plant Biol., Fac. Sci, USB
Plant cuticle: its structure and function in terms of leaf CO2 suply
PhD thesis progress report
19.4.Stable isotopes course
26.4.Plant Physiology course – Students' presentations 1
3.5.Plant Physiology course – Students' presentations 2
10.5.Radek Litvín, RNDr., Ph.D.
Inst. Plant Mol. Biol., CAS, ČB
Pigments, light harvesting and a little bit of spectroscopy

Seminars of allied institutions

Seminars at Department of Ecosystem Biology (Thursdays in B1)

Seminars at Institute of Microbiology (CAS) in Třeboň (Opatovický Mlýn)

Botany afternoon and evening seminars (Wednesdays in Botany villa)

Ecology seminars organized by Department of Botany (Tuesdays in B1)

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